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Emma Host AMFIA - 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Attending the FIA Conference 2017 meant I had the chance to build vital networks with other fundraisers and sector leaders, an opportunity I would not have had without the FIA Conference Scholarship.

This is essentially important given the remoteness of where I work in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Being a team of only 4.5 staff and the only charity of its kind in Australia AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) cannot afford the luxury of a dedicated fundraising role. As someone who joined the organisation 12 months ago with limited fundraising experience the conference not only inspired me with great ideas but also gave me the tools on how to implement those ideas, a tangible link which is often missing from many conferences and seminars I have attended in other industries in the past.

It highlighted the importance of contributing to the sector so it can continue to grow and produce leaders for the future but the most important message for me was recognising that we need to get our messaging right internally here at AMRRIC before we can be expected to perfect the messaging to our donors about our cause.

A big thanks to everyone involved, it was a wonderful conference and I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended.

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