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Laura Crump MFIA - 2017 Scholarship Recipient

It was an absolute privilege to be awarded the scholarship for Victoria, to be able to attend the FIA National Conference in Queensland in 2017. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given.

The conference allowed me to put my ‘fundraising skills under the microscope’, further develop personally and also identify at the same time what else as a charity we could be doing or do differently to help raise funds so that we can continue to prosper; achieving our mission.

The sessions I most benefited from included:

  • The future of marketing
  • The Trends & Innovation Track
  • Building a sustainable future
  • Data-driven fundraising
  • Great relationship fundraising practises

The conference lent itself to not only engaging those who attended by allowing them to ask questions in the sessions, but also networking with others and encouraged people to shift their mindsets and think outside of what the text books say, challenging why we do what we do to fundraise.

Since the 2017 Conference, I have analysed and further developed our current donor stewardship strategy.

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