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Webinar One: The Making of Mr Toilet

Did you miss out on this webinar? View the recording here!

Here's a topic that deserves flushing out: the world's sanitation crisis with 2.5 billion people not having access to clean toilets. How to plug the sanitation gap? Meet Jack Sim, aka MR toilet and keynote speaker for the upcoming conference in March. 

Formerly a successful businessman, Jack became a social entrepreneur and broke through the global taboos around toilet and sanitation issues. Since founding the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001, Jack has amassed a global movement of governments, UN agencies and activists to improve sanitation issues for people. And he does this through his particular brand of powerful advocacy, education and innovative technology.

In this FREE conference preview webinar, hosted by Conference Program Committee Member Gavin Coopey EMFIA we get to know this inspiring keynote presenter and find out how he became known as Mr Toilet.

Webinar Two: The Power of Technology and Philanthropy

Did you miss our second conference preview webinar with AJ Leon and Jessie White? Catch-up with what they had to say here.

AJ Leon, CEO & Founder of Misfit Inc and Jessie White, CEO & Founder of Snapstory join us for a chat around the power of technology for social good.

The nonprofit sector is slowly coming around to the idea of incorporating technology to improve monitoring, evaluation, storytelling and impact measurement. Jessie and AJ understand that the tech world can be a scary one to navigate, so they will give a brief overview of exactly why each of them has a passion for using technology to empower nonprofits to become more efficient, transparent, and more effective in building donor trust.

Then, they will take you through some real-world examples of how they and others are using tech to change the world!

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