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How to develop your Competitive Strategy and Value Proposition in highly contested fundraising markets

Thursday 8 March, 10:50 am - 11:50 am

Michael Evett
Michael Field

In a highly congested marketplace, there is enormous competition for people’s time and attention.

In this environment, how do you present a compelling Value Proposition that would motivate a prospective supporter to choose your organisation, over all of the other available options - including doing nothing?

Michael Field will present answers to the following key questions:

- What is Competitive Strategy?

- Where does 'Competitive Strategy' fit with:

  • Organisational strategy?
  • Marketing strategy?
  • Communications strategy?
  • Fundraising strategy?
  • Recruitment strategy?

- What are the key components of Competitive Strategy?

- How do you create a unique, compelling, sustainable and defensible Value Proposition as part of your Competitive Strategy?

The presentation will bring the best commercial disciplines of Competitive Strategy development to the NFP market while maintaining the valuable brand integrity of NFP’s.

This track is sponsored by

ASI Solutions

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