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A Directors perspective: How to shift a boards mindset to giving

Friday 9 March, 12:10 pm - 1:10 pm

Daniel Bernstein MFIA
Carmel Macmillan MFIA
Bradley Twynham

When it comes to fundraising and monetary support from your board, are you getting 100%? Do you wish they would just understand why it’s so important to give? Would you like to get more help from them in your fundraising efforts?

In this session, hear from board members who are active and adding value to the development efforts of their organisations.  They are educating their other directors about the importance of philanthropy and helping to shift minds one conversation at a time.

Hear why NFP boards should be no different to private sector boards when it comes to giving; how advocacy comes from the bottom up; and how they see their role on these not-for profit boards.

Each panellist will share practical tips and ideas you can implement at any organisation to transform your board into true “champions” for your cause!

Session grading: General

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