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Higher Education

Wednesday 7 March, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Flora Grant
Kate May
Kate Parsons
Jessica Ross
Adriana Sung

This full day masterclass will take you through the unique challenges and opportunities when raising funds in a higher education setting. Join experienced members of the Advancement team from the University of Sydney and get practical takeaways as they cover the following sessions:

  • Major Gift masterclass – a donor centric approach to major gifts in higher education, presented by Flora Grant, Associate Director, Development and Kate Parsons, Development Manager.
  • Lost no more: Recover thousands of contact details in 6 weeks presented by Adriana Sung, Manager, Prospect Research and Management. Whether it be a list of people who once donated to your institution, or alumni who were once highly engaged, it is always important to keep in touch and have their contact details readily available for your campaigns. The key takeaways will include, how to build an agile team focussed on recovering lost contact details rapidly and how to build a systemised engagement approach for keeping in touch and rebuilding past relationships.
  • Engaging communities and leveraging user-generated content for fundraising campaigns, presented by Kate May, Director, Alumni Relations 

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