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Trust & Foundations: Grants success – the essentials of performance measurement, relationship management and reporting

Wednesday 7 March, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Kate Sunners

With guests:
Caitriona Fay, National Manager Philanthropy & Non Profit Services, Community and Social Investments, Perpetual.

Case Study on best practice grant-seeking
Maraika Ropte, Trusts and Foundations Manager, CanTeen 
Anne Long, CEO, Greater Charitable Foundation. 

The nonprofit sector’s most successful grants programs are underpinned by strong organisational governance and performance measurement. This interactive session focusses on building the knowledge and skills required to meet funder expectations around outcomes and impact measurement and effectively communicating with grant-makers to exceed their expectations.

Emerging trends in impact investment and outcomes measurement in Government and philanthropy require that nonprofits be capable and resilient enough to ‘fail fast’ – to learn quickly when interventions are not working and re-focus them when they are not.

Funded programs and interventions must be flexible enough to adapt when performance indicators are not being met or perverse outcomes arise. Evaluations are an essential part, therefore, of project planning for grants funding. This requires an understanding of performance measurement and program evaluation as a leadership and fundraising competency.

In the first half of this Masterclass, learn from exemplary funder reports and case studies of excellent performance measurement and funder stewardship, and hear the funder’s perspective (Caitriona Fay, National Manager Philanthropy & Non Profit Services, Community and Social Investments, Perpetual), on what makes a project and organisation investment ready.

Participants will then be provided with the crucial steps and organisational processes required to develop and emplace effective performance management and evaluation into project plans, and ensure the data captured is relevant to projected outcomes and impacts.

The session will wrap with a case study of a successful grantor – grantee relationship; Greater Charitable Foundation expectations and the outcomes reporting and processes delivered by CanTeen.

Content will cover:

  • Current and emerging trends from both government and philanthropic grant-makers
  • Funder feedback
  • A charity case study in best practice performance measurement, reporting and relationship management
  • Funder Q&A – Why performance measurement is critical and what they expect

Exploring evaluation tools, how to build them into program design BEFORE the project starts, data capture methods, what data is important to capture and measure, how to analyse it and reporting in a meaningful and relevant way

Participants will leave this masterclass with a clear understanding of:

  • The current lay of the grants land; both government and philanthropic grant funders (including direct funder perspective through funder Q&A session)
  • Emerging grant trends including impact investment, social benefit bonds and the focus on outcome measurement
  • What constitutes best practice relationship management and reporting – a charity case study (and review of a number of successful grantor / grantee partnerships)
  • The importance of and the how to - embedding evaluation into the project delivery plan
  • The importance of the service delivery team and fundraising team to work together – is internal education / restructure needed?
  • Evaluation tools, how to capture what data and how to present it to funders in a meaningful and relevant way
Session grading: Intermediate, Advanced

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