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Surviving and thriving in Faith-based organisations – a road less travelled

Wednesday 7 March, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Leigh Cleave EMFIA CFRE
Margaret Scott FFIA CFRE

Introduced by popular demand, this new masterclass is dedicated to those in Faith-based organisations, whether you are new to this area or you are more experienced.

Your challenges may include working with your internal stakeholders, fundraising where there are competing appeals, obtaining stories from the frontline, influencing fundraising investment, fundraising for special projects or other challenges – you can choose your path to travel with us.

Marg and Leigh have been on this road less travelled and will work with you to equip you with surviving and thriving strategies.

By joining this Faith-based organisation masterclass you’ll contribute and learn from colleagues in facilitated discussion and small-group work, all of which will focus on fundraising in Faith-based organisations. We encourage you to join us on this road less travelled.

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