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Plenary: Myth Smashers

Thursday 8 March, 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm

Victoria Andrews MFIA
Matthew Gibson
Rachael Lance MFIA
Melanie Verges
Alan White MFIA
Nicholas Winfrey

Back by popular demand! 

Remember when you first started fundraising and something just didn’t make sense? Remember when you were bowled over by the fact that long letters work best? Remember when you first learned that nearly half of all mass individual donations come from those people on the streets asking for monthly donations?

Maybe you are new to fundraising, or missed these truisms. But either way you will enjoy this session!

Following the success of this inaugural session at the 2017 FIA Conference and in association with sofii, FIA is proud to bring back ‘Myth Smashers!’

Six speakers who have never spoken to a great big audience before will regale you with the biggest myth they heard when they started in fundraising.

Was the myth true – or did they see it SMASHED?

Oh, and all those new speakers will have had a journey to the stage accompanied by a specially appointed ‘mentor’ to help them get on the big stage brimming with confidence!

Our 2018 Myth Smashers

  • Rachael Lance MFIA, Leukaemia Foundation
  • Victoria Andrews MFIA, Mater Foundation
  • Alan White MFIA, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Melanie Verges, UNICEF
  • Matthew Gibson, National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Nicholas Winfrey, Red Cross

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