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Closing Plenary: Fundraising is not the only way to deliver the mission

Friday 9 March, 3:20 pm - 4:20 pm

Jack Sim

Jack is a master of the leverage model. Through an intelligent alignment of multiple stakeholders’ aspirations, he managed to create a global movement for sanitation with great impact on a shoe-string budget. In his closing keynote, he’ll show you how you can create your desired impact without going through the traditional route of fundraising. “Most NGOs start off wanting to do good,” Jack notes. “They want to change the world. But after a while, they see their peers, who are also saving the world, as competitors fighting for the same funding — and they don’t like it. This is oxymoron.

“We need to return to mission,” he adds. “While commercial businesses want to kill their competitors, NGOs should focus on killing the problems. This means the more helping hands the better. This calls for us to collaborate instead of compete.

Jack’s keynote is a discussion of how to align ideas, talents and opportunities for good.

Session grading: General

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