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Major Gifts - Seize the opportunity

Wednesday 7 March, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Doug Dillon MFIA (Hon) CFRE

The role of a Major Gift fundraiser is to secure the largest gift possible, in the shortest amount of time, to the greatest joy of the giver. We will explore a fail-proof system for cultivating and securing the largest major gift possible to the greatest joy of the donor. Major Gifts come to the fundraisers and institutions that understand and embrace the most telling factors that influence donors. Donors give to organisations they trust and have confidence in.

This masterclass teaches you to make them believers. Sessions will include building your leadership to full potential, transforming your annual and major gift programs in preparation for a major gift initiative or campaign, motivating and securing volunteers, and identifying your top probable donors.

This masterclass focuses on the steps after the progression from budget giving to major gift fundraising. Participants will study major gift development from strategic concept to research, cultivation and solicitation and stewardship strategies. Major gift programs compel fundraisers to adopt a different strategy as big gift donor motivation is not about discretionary giving. It encompasses word of mouth networking, peer-to-peer advocacy and face-to-face asking. Within this session, focus will be given to planning and undertaking a successful capital campaign. Donor motivation and the discipline of 'making the ask' will be thoroughly explored, where participants can practice what they have learnt and share real-life experiences with other delegates. Be prepared to be an active participant in our day together. You will be professionally and personally stretched, motivated, and prepared to take your own fundraising program to the next level.

Specific issues to be covered:

  • Understand a new way of planning for the big gift market place
  • Develop skills in prospect identification and the best way to ask for their support
  • Analyse proven strategies and case studies for major gift and capital campaigns
  • Recognise techniques and tactics that can be employed easily to turbo charge existing programs
  • Understand what drives donors to make big gifts and the role of the case for support
  • Identify critical success factors for capital campaigns and major gift programs, including leverage

Key learning outcomes:

At the conclusion of this masterclass, you will have a full understanding and the tools necessary to develop and grow your major gift program.


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Session grading: Intermediate

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