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Julie Lamberg-Burnet

Julie Lamberg-Burnet

Chief Executive Officer
Sydney School of Protocol

Julie brings over 20 years of proven experience in building brands and transforming individuals.

Her career began in education with a Diploma of Education and Teaching along with five years of practical experience.

Julie is a strong educational leader playing key roles in service strategy, design and development, brands and marketing in the aviation industry. As Head of Customer Experience Delivery at Qantas Airways Julie drove strategic initiatives to develop a cross company focus included creating a Centre of Service Excellence to host all service training and development. 16,000 staff participated in an experiential learning program linking the brand, service and people.

Julie is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington® and is passionate about bringing Business Etiquette, International Protocol and Customer Service skills development to individuals and groups to help them excel in any area of life including business and social environments.

As is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington®, Julie's business provides internationally recognised programs in training individuals, corporate executives and government officials in protocol and etiquette intelligence.

The School offers a holistic approach for developing life skills. "We help people to be confident, polished and professional in business and social settings," says Julie.

Along with a team of industry experts, Julie brings a unique combination of education, corporate expertise and personal flair to the Sydney School’s offering.


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