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TRACK • Masterclasses

Masterclass: Capital and Capacity Campaign

Wednesday 22 Feb 2023 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Intermediate (2-7 years experience)
  • Advanced (more than 7 years experience)

A short intensive Masterclass that will equip intermediate and experienced level fundraisers with a roadmap for planning a campaign, tools to help execute a campaign and an advanced level skill in being able to personally ask for a big gift.
The session will cover
1. An understanding of
a. the capital and capacity campaign fundamentals and terminology
b. the timeframe and sequence of a big gift campaign
c. the campaign personnel resource required and options available
2. Provision of campaign tools that setup a campaign for success and help engage other stakeholders in the capital campaign journey
3. An advanced level professional skill for the individual as a takeaway for their own development as well as ability to train their campaign colleagues

Registration to a masterclass is in addition to your conference registration. Delegates can attend one masterclass only and limited numbers apply for each class. 

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