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TRACK • Individual Giving

CARE Australia pivot in brand and culture – a lesson for many traditional charities

Thursday 23 Feb 2023 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

In 2019, CARE Australia was walking the path of a traditional, conservative (and somewhat tired) INGO. With staff morale low from years of restructures, declining brand recognition in the Australian market, an unclear brand proposition and an outdated approach to storytelling that left us open to criticism from anti-colonial advocates, we were heading nowhere – fast.

But, just as the pandemic hit, we began to pivot, and over the following two/three years, a new senior leadership team led CARE’s historic, 75 year legacy into a new age. FINALLY, due to a massive team effort across the entire organisation, we found our unique, incredibly compelling voice in the humanitarian and development sector – and were better placed to speak to our existing and potential supporters.

In this session, we’ll explore key aspects of this sometimes frustrating but ultimately inspiring journey from a fundraising and marketing perspective, including:

– How we refocused our brand and transitioned to a strengths-based messaging approach.

– How we managed the transition – with both our staff and donors – and the challenges that arose along the way.

– How the move has impacted fundraising, and our fundraising strategy moving forward.


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