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Community fundraising: Working together to achieve great things

Friday 3 Jun 2022 - 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

The success of a Community Fundraiser depends on their willingness to give and the team they have behind them. As a Community Fundraiser the partnership you create with your team can be the difference between succeeding or giving up.


I started my journey of fundraising in 2010 because my 4 year old son, Scott, wanted to walk 25km to raise money to help sick kids and babies. I had no experience in fundraising and no confidence in my abilities to help Scott achieve his goal. There was a core team of people at Telethon for many years who’s encouragement and support helped me to grow and thrive in my role as a Community Fundraiser. The great things we’ve achieved are thanks to that team of people who helped us along the way and to the wider community for wrapping their arms around Scott and supporting him year after year.


I will share my story of helping Scott walk over 900km and raise over $190,000 for Telethon with you. I will give you 10 simple tips that might help you to develop your Community Fundraiser Partnerships and hopefully  inspire you along the way.


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