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Courage Comes First: understanding the impact of you

Saturday 4 Jun 2022 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Courage is arguably one of the greatest leadership characteristics a professional fundraiser has. It allows us to overcome uncertainty and our fears in order to create meaningful and impactful change. Understanding how to harness your courage for the greater good requires critical reflection of the impact of YOU – not only on the cause you passionately support, but in your personal life also. Times of crisis often shine a light on the stark contrast between leadership and management styles. We saw this in action at the height of the pandemic, when many not for profits let go of some of their greatest assets – their professional fundraiser.


In my presentation I’d like to share my journey as a professional fundraiser and working mum – through the challenges, successes and ongoing impacts of the pandemic to illustrate how courage has played a key role in understanding the impact of me. (this includes running an emergency appeal, launching a new monthly giving campaign, developing post-pandemic strategic fundraising plans, addressing mental health, and helping establish a start-up charity in response to the pandemic) I’ll also share a fantastic tool I’ve come to love and live by that has helped me forge a successful and satisfying fundraising career path.

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