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Masterclass 2: Gifts in Wills – developing a plan for accelerated growth

Thursday 2 Jun 2022 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Gifts in Wills is one of the areas of fundraising that Marcus Blease is most passionate about. In this full day workshop, he will share his insights that will help you make the most of the incredible growth opportunity that awaits those who get their program right. You’ll walk away with insight and actions covering:


  • How to make the most of the massive opportunity presented by the Baby Boomer generation
  • Gifts in will landscape and how to use this information to develop a business case internally
  • Getting the foundations right for a successful GIW’s program
  • How covid effected our target audience and how to adapt your tactics
  • How to develop the right communications to grow your Gifts in Wills
  • Creating a strong, compelling and memorable Gifts in Wills campaign proposition
  • How to identify and channels to reach your ideal prospects for Gifts in Wills
  • Building your pipeline
  • The strategies that trigger significant engagement
  • Cultivating the desire to leave a gift through stewardship
  • How to get your leadership and staff on-board for one of the biggest opportunities in years
  • Plus much more


This practical session will see you walk away with some of the best gift in wills marketing ideas available in the world.


Registration to a masterclass is in addition to your conference registration. Delegates can attend one masterclass only and limited numbers apply for each class. 

Gifts in Wills – developing a plan for accelerated growth. Sponsored by


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