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TRACK • Community & Events

Give before asking: Lessons from The Push-Up Challenge founder Nick Hudson

Friday 24 Feb 2023 - 12:10 pm to 1:10 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

Fundraising in recent times has been difficult. After a tumultuous few years, Aussies are feeling more battered, bruised and burnt out than ever before. Fundraising organisations are doing their best to support communities facing natural disasters, social injustices and everything in between, but asking for more money at a time when hip pockets are feeling the pinch is a delicate dance.

Founder of The Push-Up Challenge, Nick Hudson, discusses why charities asking for money in 2023 need to be able to offer their supporters value. He offers a deep dive into why doubling down on customer experience is so important, and will offer tips and advice on how to identify your organisation’s ‘superfan’. By finding them, engaging with them and predicting their needs, Nick will leave you thinking in new ways about supporting your biggest supporters.

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