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TRACK • Gifts in Wills

How Greenpeace is redefining the best practice for Gifts in Wills calling

Thursday 23 Feb 2023 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

Myths around Bequest calling proving that it is not conversations about death but rather about life.

Presentation of a benchmark for Gifts in Wills telemarketing, compiling 4 years of data on conversion of prospects, enquirer, considerer, intender and pledger segments.

Showcase how our external Telemarketing campaign is providing best-in-class stewardship to our confirmed Bequestors.

This presentation will also showcase how leads acquired via Greenpeace Facebook campaign were converted by Community Shapers. We will compare the results of calling those leads versus calling prospects from other sources.

Finally, we will demonstrate how we manage to gather demographic information about our supporters. This will prove critical in improving the health of our database and allow for better segmentation or future campaigns.

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