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How I accidentally started a charity in my garage

Friday 3 Jun 2022 - 10:30 am to 11:30 am

In 2016, sitting with her fellow mum friends talking about what to do with half packs of nappies and no longer needed baby goods, Carly had an idea to pass on her unused baby items to those who desperately needed them. It morphed from a simple idea with quick and very big growth. And with growth came some big – seemingly insurmountable – challenges. Not to mention a pandemic.


Carly will take us through how they went from a very local volunteer group on the Gold Coast in her garage to an organisation with warehouses in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane helping thousands of babies every year have an equal start to life. And how that growth in demand had to be tackled by changing from an organisation where donations meant purely second-hand baby items to one where it also meant fundraised income.


This story is inspirational for small organisations who know that they must grow to meet the demand for their services. It will include the trials and tribulations of building a passive income stream of high teas and golf days to a flourishing one that now generates more than $1m per year with a growing and engaged community. It also proves that you can turn a lawyer into a successful and proud fundraiser.


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