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Masterclass: Bringing it Together: Boosting income through an integrated approach to communications you are likely already doing!

Wednesday 22 Feb 2023 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Is this you?
You already do appeals. By email, mail, phone or a combination.

You know bequests are important, and either have a bequest program or want to get one going.

You believe the hype around mid-value donors: let’s face it, you saw mid-value donors come to the rescue of countless charities around the world in the pandemic.

And you want to raise more money next year – but don’t have a big increase in the budget you can spend.

This masterclass focuses on the ‘standard’ things that should be in all appeals programs. Appeals, reminders, mid value versions, donor survey, match funds and a major donor program.

And I’ll show you how a few tweaks and a joined up story approach can save you time and increase combined results dramatically.

Learn how to combine smart data analysis, great donor care and a well-coordinated series of multimedia communications spanning mail, email, donor webinars, phone calls and personal meetings (online and in person) to boost your mid and major donor programs.

By the end of the session attendees will have:
 • Learned about a new approach to donor surveys that increases the number of leads – and the quality of the leads
 • Written drafts of their own ‘pairs’ of key questions designed to boost GIW, mid/major donor and monthly giving leads
 • Learned how to story-board and produce a donor webinar
 • Learned best practice techniques to build a mid-value program around getting match funds
 • Best practice knowledge of how to use these match funds to best effect

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