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Masterclass 1: Launching a digital-first regular giving program to smash growth targets

Thursday 2 Jun 2022 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sustainable revenue via regular giving is a game changer. But growing a flourishing regular giving program isn’t as simple as adding a ‘monthly’ switch to your donation page. Ntegrity will share the approach, insights and learnings of building and launching a digital regular giving program to exceed your revenue targets. We will delve into understanding the target audience; developing a powerful value proposition; creating stand out branding with emotive creative assets and using a diverse channel mix to drive acquisition and share quantitative market insights on the donor experience expected by Aussies to ensure high retention rates and upgrade success. We will also look at how to maximise income and strengthen engagement through integration across other fundraising programs, with examples and insights from organisations who have been running these campaigns. Aimed at mid to senior level program managers, attendees will leave the class with a roadmap on how to model their own regular giving program, how to run it, and what to look for during development and analysis.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • The trends and insights in regular giving acquisition
  • Key success factors in building a successful regular giving donor experience
  • Understand & map your target audiences
  • Draft a powerful value proposition
  • Develop a multi-channel acquisition plan across digital and offline
  • Build a regular giving donor experience that delights and inspires your donors


Registration to a masterclass is in addition to your conference registration. Delegates can attend one masterclass only and limited numbers apply for each class. 

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