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Panel Discussion – Future gazing: what’s next with Face-to-Face Fundraising

Saturday 4 Jun 2022 - 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

For the past two years, face to face fundraising, the backbone of regular giving acquisition, and those who run it, have been put to an almighty test. As the landscape rapidly changed and public health orders were issued, lifted, and issued again, charities and agencies have had to demonstrate more flexibility, resilience and creativity than ever before.


In this session, industry leaders in regular giving come together to discuss the adaptations borne out of necessity over the past two years:


Where face to face fundraising has been in some part replaced by phone and digital acquisition, our panellists discuss whether these channels are tested as rigorously as face to face; what is the true cost of these donors and how does the ROI compare across channels?


As fundraising teams respond to the ever-changing restrictions on their activities, the levels of communication, trust and accountability within the supply chain has seen programs flounder or flourish; so, what makes for a strong partnership?


With time to reflect and reorganise, some exciting new models and initiatives have emerged. Never a sector to stand still, our panel will take us through some of these exciting projects.

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