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Showcasing sustainable and high-impact programs for First Nations (and other historically marginalised) communities

Friday 25 Feb 2022 - 2:20 pm to 3:20 pm

Drawing on lessons from critically acclaimed not for profits that serve racial minorities in the USA – Adam will provide insights into the key features of sustainable and high impact not for profits.


The session will provide a nuanced understanding of not for profits (particularly those that serve Indigenous Australians), common challenges and opportunities to stimulate sustainable practices and impact.


Key features of the session will include –


  • Six main attributes to drive sustainability and impact based on historic and critically acclaimed not for profits in the USA
  • The importance of being truthful to the vision you serve as an organisation.
  • Intergenerational impact, and how we know we’ve made a difference.
  • Discussion around what the goals in the community are and what we are collectively working towards.
  • Tips on how to bring these discussions and architecture into the board room, and why it’s important to ask yourself and your organisation some difficult questions.

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