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TRACK • Fundraising How To…

Unlocking the secrets to grant funding

Friday 24 Feb 2023 - 9:25 am to 10:25 am

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)
  • Beginner Fundraisers (less than 2 years experience)
  • Intermediate (2-7 years experience)

The number one problem we see with grant seekers isn’t how to write a grant, but how to find a grant, namely the right grant. This isn’t simply about a lack of places to search for a grant, but more so it stems from the fact most grant seekers do not know how to define and articulate what within their organisation is ‘grant fundable’ and more importantly how to position that need in the best way to grab the attention of the funder in an ever increasing competitive funding landscape. We know that by leveraging a strategic grantseeker lens through our unique and proven three-step process fundraisers can increase their chances of winning grants while eliminating hours of time and money spent applying for grants where the applicant simply is not a fit.
Specifically I will show attendees how to know themselves as a grant-seeker and why clarity on your mission and funding objectives is key; what funders are really looking for and how to develop a compelling application that wins.

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