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TRACK • Leadership

Why aren’t there more fundraisers on For-Purpose Boards?

Thursday 23 Feb 2023 - 10:50 am to 11:50 am

  • Advanced (more than 7 years experience)

Boards have a critical role in many aspects of successful fundraising: setting organisational purpose and mission which is central to the case for donor support, understanding and nurturing a culture of philanthropy, making informed strategy and investment decisions, reviewing risks, and helping to identify and build donor relationships. Yet not many professional fundraisers serve on the boards of social-purpose organisations.   

This panel discussion is to encourage more fundraisers to “walk the talk” and serve, to help de-mystify the board role for those who may be hesitant, and show that it’s not just something for the very experienced.

Three high-achieving people who are both board members and successful fundraisers talk about:

  • How they reached fulfilling board positions, and how to plan for the opportunity
  • Their most rewarding aspects of serving
  • The role of training to become an effective board member
  • The traps to avoid – like getting recruited (or volunteering) solely to “become responsible for fundraising”
  • The powerful contribution which a fundraiser can make to a board by bringing “can-do” energy and the knowledge of what is possible

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