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James Stanton-Cooke



James Stanton-Cooke (aka Jimmy HalfCut) is a positive disrupter with tangible actions to #SaveTheDaintree rainforest and engage in major rainforest restoration. For over 20 years, he has spearheaded movements for safer and healthier forests for wildlife, people, climate our planet.


He is an expert in activating people to take action on environmental issues and the climate emergency. His understanding of climate, forests, coal and gas, veganism, consumerism, threatened and endangered species, coral bleaching and more is what he breathes. There is no switch off button, especially when he wears the issue on his face. 50% of the world’s forests are destroyed, 50% of plant species are extinct and this is accelerating. 50% of the great barrier reef is bleached and accelerating, 50% of the arctic and glaciers have melted. 50% of all the food we consume ends up in landfill. Do you see why he is HalfCut? We are flipping a coin right now with our environment and our climate. The solutions are readily available, Jimmy is the positive disrupter to engage people into conversations and direct action. He’s doing it his way, a fun way and invites others to take action.


● 2021 – Lead speaker – Conscious Space festival (live podcast)
●2020 – Speaker Climate Emergency Summit
● 2017 – Co-founder HalfCut.org saving tropical rainforests (older brother and sister campaign 2014 – BeardsOn BraidsOn for Conservation. Now all under HalfCut.
● 2018-2021 HalfCut 365 days – A walking talking billboard highlighting the issue that over 50% of the world’s forests are gone and how people can protect the last remaining tropical rainforests and the climate emergency. Raising over $224,500 (matched $1 for $1 by Rainforest Trusts making – $449,000 for rainforest buyback)
● 2017-2020 – Employed with Lock The Gate Alliance as the Syd Coordinator to fight against Coal and Coal Seam Gas (Fracking) in Australia.
● 2019 – High School Speakers empowering young people solutions and deal with climate anxiety, how they can take power for a safer world.
● 2011 – advocate for Beeganism (no consumption of animal meat/dairy products but locally sourced beehives for – pollination, biodiversity, sustainability and conservation) He has native and European backyard bees. No bees, no humans.
● 2009-2016 – PDHPE, Agriculture Science Teacher. Focusing on hydroponics and apiary studies (beekeeping)
● Featured in:
SBS Australia Voices
Channel Ten’s The Project
The Daily Edition
Sydney Morning Herald
Images here of Jimmy and Jessica Co-founders


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