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Omar E. Hamid

Cofounder, Chief Design Officer

Launch Good

Omar E. Hamid, is an ambitious innovator who strives to use entrepreneurship for social good.  Growing up in Georgia, USA, he became aware of the Muslim world’s legacy of innovation and contribution to humanity, which inspired many of his ideas.  Omar founded a successful branding and web design agency in high school. Not long after, he helped launch two community-based startups, including the world’s largest faith-based crowdfunding platform in the world, LaunchGood.com.


Never one to take the conventional route, Omar decided to put his university studies on hold to work for his growing businesses full time.  A perfectionist with an infectious spirit, Omar is always thinking of creative ways to have a positive impact in the Muslim community and beyond – no wonder he’s known to always say “Imagine.”


Friday - 25 Feb 2022 ( 11:00 am - 12:00 pm )

Islamic Fundraising in Australia

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