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Centelon Solutions

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Centelon Solutions


Head quartered in Melbourne VIC, Centelon Solutions is a trusted business-technology solutions partner, helping large to mid-size organisations across various industry verticals in their digital transformation journey. Our core strength lies in aligning technology with investment goals and defining a strategic roadmap for continuous transformation. We aim to integrate digital technology, built on a foundation of our own platforms and IP, combined with best-of-breed COTS solutions into all areas of businesses to deliver better customer value. 


Our IP assets span a wide range of industries and use cases, including an industry agnostic Zero Code Platform (Metiz) and a rapid deployment toolkit for CRMs for Non-profits. 


Centelon Solutions has a proven track record of working with several marquee Australian non-profits in scaling their digital maturity, delivering significant gains in operational efficiency and achievement of mission goals. 


For non-profits, we deliver digital services across functions including Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Grant Management, Case & Program Management, Website & Mobile, Data, Finance and HR, and Security. 


Centelon’s differentiation goes beyond the breadth of its service offerings, combining the expertise of larger corporations with the agility of a smaller organization. We believe we are the only system integrator at our scale with the wide array of skills required to execute an end to end digital or data transformation. As a bootstrapped, steadily growing company, we have demonstrated our capabilities by securing and delivering on outcome-based projects, surpassing expectations, and outperforming larger systems integration firms in the process. 

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