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Cornucopia Fundraising


Experience the difference with Cornucopia. For over two decades, Cornucopia has been a cornerstone in the Australia fundraising industry with unwavering commitment to regular giving acquisition excellence. With a reputation built on consistent success in both face-to-face and Telefundraising, Cornucopia is committed to providing its charity partners with the highest level of quality representation. As one of the founders of face-to-face fundraising in Australia, we have successfully recruited over 850,000 regular givers for our charity partners across Australia and New Zealand.


Recent benchmarking, undertaken by the Benchmarking project in 2021/2, has confirmed that Cornucopia’s long-term retention is the highest across both the Australian and New Zealand markets. Since 2015, we have extended our expertise to Telefundraising. What started as regular giving acquisition has evolved into a comprehensive suite of campaigns including bequest, upgrade, reactivation, high-value cash, welcome calling, and decline management.


At Cornucopia, we firmly understand the importance of providing the very best return on investment on all our campaigns. Our dedicated team ensures an unbeatable partnership, fostering the growth and nurturing of your regular givers and long-term donors. We not only prioritize acquisition but also provide the necessary care and engagement strategies crucial for ongoing retention.


In 2024 we plan to commercialise our end-to-end quality management system to further support the charity industry to improve long-term retention and return on investment. Joining forces with Cornucopia means establishing a trusted partnership, a genuine commitment to your cause, and a promise of sustained support.

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