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Dataphoria provides better leads for better results. Assisting fundraisers in finding profitable donors since 2009.


Services include:

  • Opt-in marketing leads (pay-per-lead): Trusted by many of Australia’s top fundraising call centres and charities, Dataphoria offers access to a wide selection of engaged donor lead sources. Our team tirelessly optimise digital and phone-based campaign sources according to true ROI, by leveraging solid relationships with fundraising call centres. Our stance on compliance has set the benchmark for the FIA & PFRA and all sources are thoroughly audited using our bespoke processes.
  • Marketing lists (direct mail and/or telemarketing): Whether you are launching a raffle, testing a direct mail tax appeal or building a single-giver conversion program, tailored marketing lists are selected according to your goals. A full direct marketing data strategy will be built for your campaign, designed to learn and improve over time.
  • Reactivation segmentation: Do you hold datasets that are not as responsive as needed? Where a campaign needs scale, but database quality doesn’t justify it, data often goes to waste, leaving missed opportunity and KPIs. Dataphoria hunt for gold in your database, by leveraging a range of third-party attributes.
  • Data processing and analytics: Looking to understand who your donors are, how they are behaving and what they are likely to do next? From a basic donor segmentation project or donor profile, through to a full automated single-customer-view.
  • You can also ask us about B2B fundraising data.

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