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Make a social impact with IT solutions that mean business.


To make a real impact your technology solutions need to align with your organisation’s objectives and integrate with the underlying systems and processes they’re designed to support. That’s why at Lanrex, we build industry specific, NFP solutions that align with your strategy, process, and people, so they’re relevant, user-friendly and make a real difference to your fundraising and volunteering activities. With fewer resources, limited funding, outdated technologies, and budget pressures, greater efficiency is essential. Our solutions are designed to unify disparate systems, that break down data silos, thus allowing you to better engage with your constituents, and empower your organisation’s mission.


 Lanrex can assist with the challenges not-for-profits are dealing with right now, by setting up a flexible IT foundation. We do this by implementing cloud-driven solutions that power an evolving workplace, all while keeping the data secure and compliant.


 Key Solution Areas:

  • Agile Infrastructure: We ensure you have a hybrid/multi-cloud foundation so you can be more flexible, scalable, and efficient.
  • Intelligent Operations: We replace legacy apps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions making NFPs like yours more constituent-centric to enhance fundraising and volunteer management.
  • Empowered Workplace: We empower your staff with digital skills to be more collaborative and productive in a hybrid and modern workplace.
  • Innovative Apps: We enable access to customised apps that are designed to help you with your goals and drive change faster.
  • Security and Compliance: We focus on keeping your organisation’s data safe and compliant using advanced security services.

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