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thankQ is the complete contact relationship management, membership and fundraising solution that can be configured to meet specific needs across all Non Profits;

  • Contact and Relationship Management
  • Website integration to maximise donor experience across your business
  • Donation and Pledge Processing / Regular Giving
  • Bulk Processing for efficiency giving you the time to do more with your donors
  • Membership, Reminders and Invoicing
  • Communications Journeys; bulk email & SMS, letters and fulfilment house
  • Document Management
  • Grants
  • Events
  • Campaigns and Moves Management
  • Reporting
  • Workflow 
  • Data Manipulation 
  • Full Business Rules driving actions and notifications 
  • Fully Automatic software processing capabilities


thankQ Solutions was established in 1992, with the goal of providing Effective Solutions with Information Technology. Since then, we have customers using the same software solution which has grown with their business. thankQ’s flexibility is key to enabling this. We have helped charities grow and deliver their services right across the world.


thankQ Solutions is about delivering a quality service by partnering with you. We are proudly Australian Made, with all offices and staff in Australia. We currently have clients who are operating single users’ systems to clients with several hundred users. The database may range from a few thousand to several million records and be located at a single site or networked for several sites to use.


Come visit us for a complementary review of all your business software needs.

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