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Unity4 is one of Australia’s leading charity tele-fundraising and digital marketing organisation.


Our organisation was established in 2000 and has developed a specialist outbound fundraising approach for a wide range of Not-for-Profit partners. Unity4 employs people to work exclusively from home. The skill and maturity of our at home-based work force means the quality of representation of our partners is taken to another level, coupled with lower costs and consistently better results.


Through our in-house developed ‘Empathy’ technology platform we enable clients to access all of the work we do, from the ability to listen to calls live, search and access call recordings and run real-time performance and return on investment reports. No more asking for call examples or report extractions – it’s all there in real time for you. In addition to this, our Unity4 Digital Marketing division provides a range of high quality and successful fully opted-in donor leads to charities every day.

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