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Conference Program

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TRACK • Plenary Session

Opening Plenary Session

Wednesday 28 Feb 2024 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

Keynote Presentation: Fundraising Trends from Asia: A Global Catalyst for Impact

Usha Menon UM-MC Asia

“Passion and purpose light our fundraising roadmap. However, it’s our courage to take action, that navigates us toward success” ~ Usha Menon

Through this opening keynote, Usha will share trends that are being leveraged for fundraising success in Asia and lessons that the rest of the world can explore. She will inspire and challenge the audience to consider how these trends can be adapted in the local context.

  • Emerging Trends in Asian Fundraising: Explore fundraising approaches and strategies that are gaining momentum in Asia with examples from organisations that have effectively utilised technology and data analytics in shaping fundraising trends in Asia
  • Understanding the Asian Donor Psyche: The growth of donor-advised funds and family offices set up by Asian’s and the giving motivations and philanthropic trends. Hence the value of partnerships and collaborations that can enhance fundraising efforts
  • Impact of ESG (environment, social, governance) reporting: The mandatory ESG reporting requirements has an impact on corporate and foundation giving. Learn how charities can ride this trend.

This session aims to help the audience consider how cross-cultural learning and collaboration can lead to greater impact and fundraising success through adapting these trends in your own organisations.



Benchmarking Project: Latest trends in fundraising

Martin Paul FFIA More Growth; Fiona McPhee FFIA Revolutionise

What’s going on!

Martin and Fi will shine a light on the latest trends in fundraising with insights from Australia’s most comprehensive benchmarking services and the very latest on how the cost of living crisis is impacting giving. Don’t miss the fact packed plenary.


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