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Unlocking Asia’s cross-borders giving potential

Thursday 29 Feb 2024 - 11:20 am to 12:00 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

Give2Asia is a global network of cross-border philanthropic institutions working with private philanthropy to bring funding to local projects across the Asia Pacific region. In 2022, Give2Asia led the publication of a two-year study on the status, opportunities, and challenges of cross-border philanthropy across the Asia Pacific region.

The study looked at three areas:

  • Rules and regulations governing inbound and outbound philanthropy across 15 key markets in the region.
  • Current flows, capacity, and interest in cross-border giving within the private donor sector in these markets.
  • Infrastructure and institutions that currently support cross-border philanthropy within the region.

A key finding was that, while the current tracking of cross-border philanthropy within Asia is limited, two donor audiences expressed a high appetite to increase their cross-border giving. These include 1) next-generation donors who are poised to inherit Asia-based family wealth, and 2) businesses and corporations with markets, employees, and manufacturing partners across the region.

This study found that two of the major barriers to cross-border giving were found to be 1) limited trust building between donors and overseas charitable organizations, and 2) information on what funding opportunities and priorities exist across the region available to both donors and charities in the region.

As a result of this research, Give2Asia and several other philanthropic institutions in the Asia Pacific region have agreed to form a regional infrastructure and expand their collaboration.

The Asia Pacific Giving Network will promote the concept of cross-border giving to domestic donor audiences in member countries and build capacity in the region to support cross-border giving for projects that are led by Asia-Pacific-based charitable groups and benefit communities in the region.

Network members believe that significant growth in cross-border philanthropy will happen in the next 10 years as the next generation of business leaders and family philanthropists look beyond their own borders to address critical issues for the region.

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