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TRACK • Emerging Issues & Global Trends

Beyond the Buzz: Real world AI for Fundraisers

Thursday 29 Feb 2024 - 9:40 am to 10:40 am

At the heart of fundraising, is our passion to dream, to innovate, to create connections, to make a difference. This has not faded, yet, we often feel weighed down, tired or overwhelmed by the relentless demands of our jobs and the unique challenges we face in our sector. AI is freeing fundraisers and non-profit professionals to do the work that really matters, and to make positive change in smarter, faster and more powerful ways than ever before.

So how do YOU use AI to unlock your biggest ideas and boldest ambitions and take the take the heavy lifting out of your day-to-day work? This session is focussed on helping you work smarter not harder, so you can focus on what really matters – connecting with donors and making a difference.

This session WILL:

  • Demystify AI – what it is, what it can do, why use it, and how to drive ROI and impact, while helping you safely navigate its risks, ensuring ethical practices every step of the way.
  • Include a little bit of theory but focus mostly on practical tips and on hands-on practice
  • Be specific to fundraisers and the non-profit sector
  • Help you get tangible results – save time, reduce costs, boost productivity, increase focus, unleash creativity and enhance performance.
  • Share relevant case studies from our sector
  • Guide you to choose the best AI tools for you and your team
  • Centre on a human-centred AI methodology (and how to use it to support, not replace people)
  • Show how AI can help solve some of our biggest challenges – a lack of resources; inefficient meetings; repetitive manual tasks; a lack of focussed time; having to wear many hats; skills gaps; information overload; and the constant demand of improving fundraising performance and staying unique and relevant… the list goes o

This session WON’T:

  • Be super technical – we won’t be covering complex AI applications related to data and digital systems
  • Dive deep into AI ethics and responsible AI – we’ll cover the most important and practical steps to use AI safely and ethically and mitigate bias but would not be able to do this topic justice in a short amount of time
  • Encourage anyone to replace people with AI – it’s about using AI to help us do what we do in better ways
  • Promote or endorse specific companies or tools – we’re here to help you navigate the wild world of AI (the good and the bad) and make the right choices for you and your team

Important note for attendees:

To help you get the most out of the practical aspects of the session please:

  • Bring your laptop
  • Sign up for a ChatGPT or Microsoft CoPilot account (ChatGPT Plus / CoPilot Pro an added bonus

You are also welcome to watch our AI demonstrations instead of taking part yourself.

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