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Kaz McGrath

Founder & CEO

Plai: Purpose Led AI

Kaz is all about helping the dreamers and doers of the non-profit world to work smarter, not harder to create positive change. 

As the Founder and CEO of Plai (Purpose Led Artificial Intelligence), her work is all about making AI less of a mystery and a powerful tool for good. Whether it’s saving time, cutting costs, taking the drudgery out of repetitive tasks, or sparking creative new fundraising ideas, Kaz is passionate about showing non-profits how AI can make their work easier and their impact grow.

She’s got over seven years of AI experience under her belt and alongside the team at Plai has spent the last year helping individuals, teams and organisations boost their impact with AI. She leads one of the only agencies globally focussed on the use of AI specifically for fundraising and the non-profit sector.

Kaz’s approach has always been hands-on and heart-led. She’s worked as a consultant with orgs such as UNICEF, MSF, Google and Tesla on projects that matter, but her real joy comes from helping fundraising teams and non-profits to use AI to make a difference. 

Before focussing on the world of AI with Plai, Kaz started her career as a passionate fundraiser as the co-founder of the Ration Challenge. She has navigated the same tight budgets, resource constraints, and high expectations that many in the sector face daily, helping lead a team that turned a small idea into a global campaign raising over $60 million. She also ran the social impact agency, Starling, supporting teams to revolutionise their approach to fundraising, strategy, innovation, people and culture, and learning. On this journey Kaz has built a deep appreciation of the sector’s challenges and the tenacity and creativity needed to overcome them.

Join Kaz and the team from Plai at their FIA 2024 Masterclass or Workshop to get the lowdown on AI in a way that’s straightforward, practical, and fun. She’s here to prove that AI isn’t just for techies – it’s for anyone in the non-profit world looking to do more good.

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