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TRACK • Community & Events

From vision to reality: building a community fundraising program from the ground up

Friday 1 Mar 2024 - 12:10 pm to 1:10 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

Thinking of launching your own community fundraising program, but not too sure where to start? Join WWF-Australia as we share our journey and help guide you through the process of turning your community fundraising vision into a successful reality.

The community and event fundraising space has been growing over the past decade. There is significant opportunity for more charities to harness the power of their communities and diversify income streams to help future-proof revenue.

Designed for those looking to establish their own program from scratch, this presentation promises to equip attendees with the steps needed to build the foundation of a successful community fundraising program that engages and mobilises their supporters.

This session will share WWF-Australia’s learnings (both failures and successes) from the first year of establishing our community fundraising program. Attendees can expect an in-depth exploration of the essential steps and strategies required to build a program that engages and empowers your community. We’ll dive into the foundational aspects, starting with clarifying your vision, utilising digital platforms, and understanding the core values that will drive your program’s success. Plus share how we:

 * Developed an always-on community fundraising platform in-house
 * Tapped into the third-party fitness events space
 * Took advantage of partnerships to introduce a P2P element to existing initiatives
 * Trialled virtual events such as Facebook Challenges
 * And lots of stakeholder, project, team, and data management!

Join Marta Zajac and Caitlin Chalhoub as they take you through the steps they took to get wild and launch their community fundraising program.

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