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TRACK • Emerging Issues & Global Trends

How to get sh*t done – and done better – when everyone is under pressure

Thursday 29 Feb 2024 - 12:10 pm to 12:50 pm

  • General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

The only constant is change. Fundraising teams are feeling this more than ever. The impacts of Covid, the great resignation, the switch to remote/hybrid working, and tough economic conditions, are creating ever more pressure to deliver results in an increasingly difficult market. Trying to achieve more from existing campaigns, let alone to innovate and grow, teams are struggling.

So, how do you get sh*t done – and done better – when everyone is under pressure?

This was the question we asked ourselves in 2022. 

Act for Peace’s Marketing & Communications team was small and dedicated, working hard to help the communities we serve – people forced from their homes by conflict and disaster. But we were experiencing stress and burnout as a result. 

A culture review showed we needed to improve morale, ways of working, and retention. We were focused on the urgent, not the important. Confusion about how best to collaborate and delegate was slowing us down and creating more stress.

This presentation will share our journey so far in Agile ways of working. How we have changed the way we work together, introducing Agile values and principles, rituals and roles, and learning from the insights and feedback this has given us, to increase efficiency, morale, collaboration, learning, and innovation. 

We’ll share what we’ve learnt in the hope of inspiring teams to improve their own ways of working, to help navigate change, build culture and drive innovation within the sector.

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