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Masterclass: Fundraising excellence: The CEO/Leader’s guide to success

Wednesday 28 Feb 2024 - 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

In the world of successful charities, a thriving fundraising ecosystem is not merely a strategy; it’s a cultural cornerstone. Show me an organisation where fundraising thrives and I will show you an organisation where the CEO leads and sustains a culture where every stakeholder believes in resourcing the mission. Effective leadership is essential for driving engagement, performance, and organisational success. The role of the CEO in fundraising excellence is that of the strategist and its Chief Ecosystem Officer to drive this success.


What to Expect:  

In this engaging and interactive masterclass, you will explore the critical elements that make fundraising excellence possible:

  • Mindset Exploration: Delve into the mindset required to deliver fundraising excellence, as we break down the psychological barriers that might be holding your organisation back.
  • Practical Tools: Discover a toolkit designed for CEOs, senior management, and board members, including frameworks for fundraising evaluation and decision-making. Learn how to make informed choices that drive fundraising success.
  • Real-World Analysis: Analyse case scenarios and examples to identify the challenges organisations face, examine innovative solutions, and propose the most effective options to address the concerns identified.
  • Collaborative Strategy: Share and compare goals and related strategies with like-minded leaders. Move from insights to actionable plans needed for fundraising to not only survive but thrive.


Who Should Attend:

Join this masterclass if you are a leader, whether in a management role or serving on a board, seeking to create or enhance a culture of fundraising excellence and high performance at your organisation or within your sector. This masterclass is perfect for both seasoned leaders looking to refine their approach and emerging leaders eager to build a culture of fundraising that leads to lasting organisational impact.

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and inspiration needed to take your organisation’s fundraising efforts to new heights and foster a culture of fundraising success. Join us in this transformative journey towards fundraising excellence.

Come! Let us unlock the power of leadership in fundraising excellence and be the catalyst for change in our organisations.


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