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TRACK • Philanthropy & Partnerships

Unpacking ancillary funds: a user’s guide to leveraging ancillary funds for funding success

Thursday 29 Feb 2024 - 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

  • Intermediate (2-7 years experience)

Beyond traditional grant funding lies great potential for successful funding partnerships between non-profits and ancillary funds, both public and private.

Yet for many charities, PAFs and PuAFs remain somewhat of an enigma and a challenge to navigate. 

In this session, Jo Garner, Director, Strategic Grants will join Denise Cheng, Equity Trustees’ National Manager, Active Philanthropy, and Sandy Murdoch, Founder and CEO of TRACTION For Young People Ltd and co-founder of the Towards a Better Future PAF. Sharing three very different perspectives, their discussion will demystify the world of public and private ancillary funds.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How exactly do ancillary funds work?
  • What was the motivation behind the establishment of the Towards a Better Future PAF?
  • How was / is the giving focus of the PAF established and continued?
  • How do you identify an ancillary fund that’s aligned with your organisation?
  • How do you position your organisation to make an approach to a PAF or a PuAF? (and how don’t you?)
  • Lessons in how to approach a PAF – from both the grant maker and grant recipient perspective
  • Other examples of successful charity/ancillary fund partnerships
  • How do you effectively engage with and steward a PAF or PuAF funding relationship?

Jo, Denise and Sandy will shift ancillary funds from mystery to possibility, equipping charities with the knowledge and strategies necessary to tap into their immense potential, engage effectively and secure sustainable funding.

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