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Josefina Bilotta

Chief Operating Officer

Plai: Purpose Led AI

Josefina works at the intersection of tech and social impact. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she has empowered non-profits of all sizes to flourish in the digital era – from grassroots campaigns to global initiatives. Her passion for tech for good shines though in her pursuit of leveraging AI to boost organisational impact and helping fundraisers work smarter not harder to and increase their impact.

As the Co-Founder and COO of Plai (Purpose Led Artificial Intelligence), Josefina is breaking down barriers to AI, turning it into a powerful ally for the fundraising and non-profit sector. She’s passionate about using AI to save time, reduce costs, eliminate the drain of repetitive tasks, and ignite fresh fundraising initiatives. Josefina believes in making technology and AI accessible and beneficial for all non-profits, always emphasising a human-centric, equitable, story-driven approach to digital transformation.

Josefina has had a unique career path before co-founding Plai, guiding successful fundraising projects and teams across North and South America through her executive roles at Fundación Juntos Hay Equipo and Fundación Llegando A Vos in Argentina and as a Senior Digital Fundraising and Marketing Consultant at HJC. She has led innovative communications and fundraising strategies, spearheaded sports-based social programs aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and coordinated impactful community programs fostering cultural change and fundraising impact at the heart of local communities.

Join Josefina and the team from Plai at their FIA 2024 Masterclass or Workshop to understand why AI isn’t just for techies – it’s for anyone in the non-profit world looking to do more good.

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